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Greg Gachassin



Greg Gachassin is president of The Cartesian Company, a real estate development and finance solutions company, specializing in development, project management, capital solutions, and public-private partnerships. With 20 years of real estate and finance experience, Mr. Gachassin has developed, managed, and/or consulted on more than 600,000 SF of projects with an estimated value of $72M, in addition to providing direct residential financing of more than $500M over his career.
Currently, Mr. Gachassin is involved in the predevelopment, development and/or management of 293 affordable housing units, including single-family home, elderly, and PSH units. Prior to The Cartesian Company, Mr. Gachassin served as president of Meritas Mortgage.  A leader in mortgage lending throughout the United States, he is one of a select group of individuals in Louisiana to have earned the designation of Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist, and has served on several advisory panels at the requests of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and at the personal request of Secretary Alphonso Jackson of the United States Housing and Urban Development Department.
From 2005-2007, Mr. Gachassin served as Chairman and Commissioner of the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency and was directly involved in the development and administration of over $3 billion dollars of Federal Aid, producing 24,000 single- and multi-family housing units.  Mr. Gachassin served as Chairman of the Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority, which completed $80 million in bond sales for use by Lafayette citizens in conjunction with the purchase of single-family homes -- the first issue of its kind in over 10 years.  Mr. Gachassin also served as President of the Louisiana Mortgage Lenders Association and as a Louisiana Delegate for the National Association of Mortgage Brokers.  He is currently a member of the Lafayette General Medical Center Membership Corporation and the Louisiana Association of Affordable Housing Providers.
Mr. Gachassin attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He is graduate of the Lafayette Leadership 2010 Class, and is very involved both civically and philanthropically. He has been recognized for his many contributions, including:  2009 Good Neighbor Award, from Lafayette City-Parish Council; 2008 Outstanding Leadership & Community Service Award, from LA Housing Finance Agency; and the 2006 Community Leadership Award: Community & Housing, from LA Housing Finance Agency.