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Villa Gardens received the National Award of Excellence from Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. in Phoenix, AZ in 2012.  After receiving the award at the local level from the ABC Pelican Chapter, the project went on to compete nationally in the residential sector.  This prestigious award recognizes the most innovate and high quality construction projects and safety programs throughout the U.S.; only 1 award is given per project category for the entire country.



The Cartesian Company is dedicated to creating and implementing sound development and finance solutions. Our goal is to increase the efficiency and enhance the outcome of projects managed on behalf of our clients by utilizing all available resources and professional expertise.




The mission of The Cartesian Company is:


"to improve the overall quality of community by providing sustainable and prudent development and finance solutions,based in strategy and strengthened by sound economics."


Our vision to support community stabilization and urbanization by utilizing all available resources in order to increase the efficiency and enhance the overall outcome of the real estate and finance projects executed on behalf of our clients.




Through our own experience and skill sets, we can help companies, organizations, and individuals work smarter -- more quickly, more efficiently. We have a steadfast commitment to honesty, integrity, and value.


Greg Gachassin


Kacee Thompson
VP Business Development